30 day Kennedy photo challenge //  Day 2 - Favorite Kennedy as a child

Well since we don’t have any photos of Joansie as a child, I’ll have to go with the next best thing, which is her daughter Kara ! :) Kara was just soooo cute aged 3 or 4, she looked like a little doll ^^ And all the pics with her mommy and/or daddy just melt my heart ! :3 Ted was never a demonstrative person so to see him let loose with Kara is so sweet and such a blessing !

In his memoir, True Compass, Ted said that he “had never seen a more beautiful baby, nor been happier in his life”. He also said “Kara’s name means ‘little dear one,’ and she was then and always has been my precious little dear one”. 

After Kara’s passing, Joan said the two were best friends and that they liked to take long swims together and walk on the beach. Joan said she was also glad that her daughter had maintained such a good relationship with Ted. 

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